Client Testimonials: “Best Courier Service” in MetroWest

Scott’s Executive Errand Service is the most dependable and detail-oriented service our office has ever used.  Scott is a true professional, and we trust him to deliver sensitive documents all over Massachusetts.

Scott A. Joseph, Esq.
Law Office of Joseph & Joseph
Newton, MA

We use Scott for all of our courier needs.  He is fast and we always know our deliveries make it to the right place right on time!  I would highly recommend him to all businesses for their errand needs.

Nancy A. Molinari, Paralegal
Russell & Associates, LLC
Needham, MA

I have been using Scott’s Executive Errand Service since 2001. Scott is the friendliest, honest and most reliable person you will ever want to do business with. Scott has solved a critical problem in my business. He ensures that my restaurant clients get their payroll checks on-time and with a smile. Not only does he get payrolls to the restaurants on time but he has been a great extension of my business. Clients are very fond of him. Scott realizes that when he treats his customers well in turn he is making my business look good. Scott is incredibly conscientious. He always communicates to me and my team any customer issues and any challenges he has with any deliveries due to traffic or customer closings. Reliability is Scott’s trademark. Scott is one of the few people I do business with who does exactly what he says he is going to do. Scott is punctual, hard working, methodical, and always does whatever it takes to make sure my clients get their checks on-time. I have seen him drive in poor business conditions to make deliveries and he never complains. He is always passionate and he has great pride both in his business and my business. I don’t consider Scott a vendor but a valuable business partner.

Bruce Patz, Owner
Advantage Payroll Services
Acton, MA

I have known Scott for almost 20 years, and he has always proved to be responsive and professional.  I have entrusted him with many packages over the years, most containing valuable materials, funds and/or sensitive documents and he always gets the job done.  He does what he says he will do, a trait I do not take for granted anymore. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs something taken from “Point A to Point B” in a hurry.   

Greg Condon
Needham, MA

I have been utilizing Scott’s Executive Errand Services for more than five years. Scott has become a vital member of my team. He has always provided timely services, and has always accommodated my request for unscheduled services. He does his very best to deliver reliable and dependable services.

Andrew C. Fantasia CPA
Framingham/Milford MA

We have been using the services of Scott’s Executive Errand Service since 2009. Our business is primary real estate closings which require last minute decisions and often expedited service. Scott’s has been a valued member of our team. They are exceptionally responsive to our often last minute demands and have always gone above and beyond the call of duty.  They have exceeded all of our expectations and we anticipate a continued great working relationship. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Vincent J. O’Brien, Esq.
Fryer & O’Brien, LLC
Dover, MA

Scott’s Executive Errand Service is a highly reliable courier service for the professional or company needing prompt and secure delivery of documents. Our law firm has been using Scott Levenson for our various court and constable deliveries over the last 10 years. He is always on time and handles detailed instructions for pickup and delivery of sensitive documents. His communication skills are thorough, ensuring that the task is handled expertly from start to finish.

Dori Jewett, Office Manager
Small MetroWest Law Firm
Concord, MA

I have worked with Scott Levenson for ten years. He consistently has provided prompt and reliable service. He reacts quickly even to late requests for deliveries. Packages are delivered to the right location and within the specified time parameters. Scott also has been a pleasure to work with. He always is pleasant and very accommodating. Scott is simply excellent at what he does.

Chris Trombetta, Esq.
Mansfield, MA

Our office has used Scott for delivery service for a number of years now. Scott takes care with every package to make sure that it is delivered on time and to the correct person. He never just leaves a package if no one answers the door; he calls to find out whether there is somewhere else the package can be left. He always calls when the package is delivered so that you don’t have to worry if it got there on time.

Ellen, Owner of Tanowitz Law Office, P.C
Newton, MA.

Scott Levenson has been my “go-to” courier for many years now. I use his service exclusively because he is professional, timely, reasonably priced, and reliable. He has never failed me.

Sheilah F. McCarthy
Lenow & McCarthy, Labor and Employment Lawyers
Wayland, MA

Scott Levenson is a trusted courier that we use often. He is a hard worker and always gets the job done, even when we ask him on a moment’s notice. We really appreciate Scott Levenson’s professionalism and competence. He has vast experience in the field and it really shows when he gets the request done quickly. I highly recommend him to others.

Jon Levin
Levin Law Offices
Needham, MA

We are thrilled to have such a reliable and professional courier to use.  Scott is available on short notice, is timely, and reports back to us when completed with the job.  We can always rely on Scott and his impeccable services.  I would strongly recommend using Scott.  He is the best!

Rikki B. Saksik, Senior Paralegal
Fields and Dennis, LLP
Wellesley, MA

My law firm has used Scott’s Executive Errand Service since 2007. He is excellent! Scott is always willing to accommodate us. He is always on time in picking up our documents, lets us know when they have arrived at their destination, and has never missed a delivery. Scott has met me on the weekends in order to pick up documents for a Monday morning delivery. He handles legal documents which are time sensitive and irreplaceable.

My office has used a number of delivery services in the past, and Scott’s Executive Errand Service is exceptional. Scott is very pleasant and very service oriented, and it shows in his work. Since we have used his services, we would never consider using any other delivery service.

Kiley P. Black
Attorney at Law
Framingham, MA

We have utilized the services of Scott’s Executive Errand Service for many years and have never been disappointed from the service we received.  Scott is dependable, professional and efficient.  He always provides confirmation that the documents have been delivered.  I never worry about my time sensitive documents reaching their destination when we use Scott.   

Sarah E. Dulong, JD
Total Counsel Law Group

I have been working in the real estate industry for over 15 years and in my profession quite often there is a need for the use of a courier. Over the years I have used many couriers and I have to say Scott’s Executive Errand Service has provided nothing less than excellent service and I only wish I knew about him sooner. He is extremely detailed, timely and cares very much about what he does, I’m very confident with entrusting him with my documents. He can also be extremely helpful as he knows lots of the examiners at the various Registries by name and makes sure my packages are hand delivered to the right person every time.

I especially like how he follows up with the final delivery time so I know just when my documents have been received which is extremely helpful – no more missing packages!  He is very diligent and wants to provide you with good customer service if you tell him in advanced something needs to go straight in for timing purposes he makes it happen he is also very good at communicating with you if there are any type of delays (which isn’t often) he will call unlike most couriers who show up when it’s convenient only to sit in the parking lot wasting more valuable time waiting for the next call before he/she will deliver.  He is very friendly and always a pleasure and I find his rates very reasonable.

Jen Gozzo, Paralegal
The Law Office of Edmund C. Grant
Lexington, MA

Scott is an exceptional courier and a very hard worker. He couriers documents for me to the various Registry of Deeds throughout Massachusetts. He is always on time and lets me know when the documents have been delivered. I never have to worry about the documents not getting to the appropriate place. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone.

Lloyd Teitelbaum, Esq.
Law Office of Lloyd H. Teitelbaum, PC
Natick, MA

Scott’s Executive Errand Service has been my go to courier since 2007. Prior to hiring Scott, I had problems with documents getting delivered on time, and for that matter delivered. This delivery problem was immediately resolved once I started using Scott’s Executive Errand Service. Not only did he get the package to where it needed to go in an efficient manner, he confirmed who accepted the package, along with the drop off time.

No other courier service that I have used in the past has provided this kind of personal service.  I know that when I give Scott a package to deliver to the registry of deeds, it is a done deal.  I consider Scott to be an extension of my business. I highly recommend Scott’s Executive Errand Service to any business who is looking for a courier who goes the extra mile to provide great service with all of their delivery needs.

Robert Grenham
Grenham Law Office
Norwood, MA

Scott is reliable, dependable and very conscientious!

Dale Kaiser
Kaiser Law Group
Wellesley, MA

Our office has utilized Scott’s Executive Errand Service since 2000 (operated by Scott Levenson). During the past 15 years we have always received the highest priority, relied on great communications, quick deliveries, efficiency and reliability, AND, reasonable rates. Highly recommend with no reservations. Does not disappoint. They have exceeded our expectations and went out of their way to make sure that our assignments were carefully completed to our expectations and satisfaction.

Doreen Porter, Paralegal
Romanow and Romanow
Natick, MA

Our firm has been using Scott’s Executive Errand Service for many years now.  We are in the real estate industry and routinely need Scott’s services to courier time sensitive documents to the Registry of Deeds. Scott has never let our firm down. He is extremely reliable and dedicated to customer service which is hard to find in today’s industry.  Scott is committed to providing the best experience for his customers. When you call Scott’s Executive Errand Service you have peace of mind that your package will be delivered on time.  Scott’s strong attention to detail makes him stand out among other companies. Not only does he deliver your package, but he also makes sure he delivers it directly to your point of contact and provides confirmation upon delivery.  We highly recommend Scott’s Executive Errand Service.   

Emily Ericson
Hadlock Law Offices, P.C.
Framingham, MA

I have been working with Scott Levenson for over six years now.  During this time, Scott has proven over and over to be the consummate professional. Here’s a gentleman who is truly trustworthy. As a commercial photographer, often times I have the urgent need to ship very important, one-of-a-kind product prototypes quickly to a different locations.  When this occurs, Scott is the first person who comes to mind. I have great confidence in Scott’s ability to perform, and I know he would never let me down. 

Gerry Evelyn
Evelyn Images
Waltham, MA

I have used Scott’s Executive Errand Service since I opened my law practice a few years ago. I became aware of his great service when I worked at a prior law firm. He is always prompt, friendly, and most importantly, he gets my time sensitive packages to where they need to go in a highly efficient manner.  As a real estate attorney, I cannot overemphasize enough the importance of getting documents to the various registries of deeds in Massachusetts ASAP. In terms of customer service, he takes it one step further by always contacting me when the package has been delivered.  When he is not able to do the delivery himself, he always sends reliable backup personnel to get the job done.

I highly recommend Scott’s Executive Errand Service to anyone who wants an extraordinary level of dependability combined with the highest level of customer service for all of their delivery.

Justin Puhlick, Attorney At Law
Walpole, MA

I have used Scott’s Executive Errand Service on many occasions. Every time he has been prompt, thorough and courteous. I am proud to recommend him. 

Thomas E. Callahan, Attorney
Woburn, MA

Scott Levenson has provided delivery services since I opened my own law practice over eight years ago. Scott is efficient, courteous, and has always been successful in completing the task at hand on time. My office is extremely happy with his company, and we highly recommend Scott and his company.

Carol Lynn May, Attorney at Law
Wayland, MA

Scott’s Executive Errand Service has done a great job for us over the years. When we need documents or a package delivered, Scott and his team make sure that pick ups and drop offs go smoothly and professionally every time. We are happy to refer to them to anyone who needs a courier service!

Maureen Condon, Principal
Precision Marketing Group, LLC
Framingham, MA

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